Monday, August 31, 2009

22w 1d Sonogram

Maci - 22 weeks 1 day
I know I am late getting the latest posted from my doctor's appointment last week. Things have been so hectic, I just haven't had much time. I went for a routine appointment, and mentioned that I had not been feeling her move very much that day and only a handful of times for the past 2 days. My doctor got a concerned look on her face and ordered a sonogram and to make sure my fluid was at the proper level off I went in a tizzy. This is the first doctor's appointment that I have gone to alone since I miscarried last year, for precisely that reason. I didn't want to be alone for any surprises. Either my mom, Nichole or Bill have been with me for every appointment. But of course Thursday of all days, Bill had to work, Nichole had a sick baby and I told my mom that I was fine, I had been feeling some movement and we didn't have a sonogram scheduled, so I could be a big girl and go by myself this one time....HUH....well I had to wait forever for the sonogram since they were working me in, it gave my mind plenty of time to wander and think of every horrible scenario possible. Finally, they called me in and I hopped up on the little table, and right away she started kicking and squirming and moving all around. My fluid levels were fine. They told me I have an anterior placenta and that it is cushioning some of her kicks and movements, and that is why depending on where she moves and kicks I don't feel her for a while. They say once she gets bigger that won't be a problem anymore, I will feel her no matter where she moves. So all is well, and little Miss Maci is doing just fine. My next appointment is at the end of September and I will have to do the dreaded glucose test...I am not looking forward to that, but I will also go that same week for a 4-D sonogram, I am super excited about that, can't wait to post the pictures.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Update on Papaw

The CT scans came back all clear. Papaw is officially cancer free, and doesn't have to take any treatments at all!!! Praise God!!!

We got a great report on Papaw this week. He had his 1st "Cancer Doctor" appointment Thursday, they did blood work and said that everything came back normal, and said that his lymph nodes looked good. They will do a CT scan next week to scan his head, chest and stomach, but the doctor seems to think that the scans will come back clear. Praise God!! Praise God!! Praise God!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Thoughts 3

Just a quick post to let you know I am still here....

I have moved positions at work and moved locations. I am glad for the change, but I stay extremely busy! I don't have much time to blog anymore (sniff). Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

Our air went out last Thursday, and we couldn't find anyone to replace it until Monday. That was a miserable weekend. I stayed at Nichole's house or Mom's until Monday night. I really appreciated them letting me stay, but I really missed Bill for those 4 nights (he stayed at our house).

I am now halfway through my pregnancy, and VERY excited. I have started feeling the baby move, not very strong or regular, but I am feeling her and I know it's her. I still don't
"look" pregnant, I just look like I am gaining weight, I am getting wider instead of getting a belly...LOL

We are 99% sure we have decided on her name, but I am not going to announce just yet because we don't have a middle name and we are pretty wishy washy about these things.

Papaw got a semi-good report from the doctor this week, the cancer has NOT spread to any surrounding cells that they tested. He has a doctor's appointment next Thursday. From what I understand (which isn't much) they will run some tests to make sure the cancer hasn't spread to other organs. So please keep praying for him.

Well time is short, and I need to run grab some lunch...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Papaw Holston

I can't say alot, because I don't know alot...but my Grandfather (Papaw) is having some skin cells removed today. He had a skin cancer removed a couple of weeks ago, and they were going back today to remove more of the cells underneath. The doctor told my dad today (before they did the procedure) that it was a "Stage 3." However, I am confused about this, because I thought the tests today were suppose to determine what stage the cancer was. According to the doctor today they are removing more cells as a precautionary measure.

From what I understand he will see a cancer doctor in a couple of weeks to see if the cancer has spread, and if it has they will start an aggressive treatment (However, right now, Papaw says he isn't going to take the treatment)

Please pray that they will not find anymore cancer and that the treatments will be unnecessary.