Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Maci - 5 Months

Dear Maci,

You are 5 months old today. You are growing so fast. You weighed 17.5 lbs, at your last doctor’s appointment (for an ear infection). You are eating about 5 ounces around every 3 – 4 hours. You love your baby food now, squash and bananas are your favorites. You hate sweet peas. You love bath time; you splash and laugh, and love for Mommy to sing to you. Your favorite song is twinkle twinkle. You love to play in your jump-a-roo that Aunt Cole gave you last week. It’s so much fun to watch you bounce and play and laugh. We love you so much more everyday. We love to watch you grow and learn, and to see what new thing you will do next. You are learning to make new noises, you have a very high pitched squeal, and a low tone growl that you are showing us this week. It’s so funny. Mommy and Daddy love you so much.

Happy 5 month birthday baby girl, we love you!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

First Celebrated Mother's Day

So, my first Mother’s Day with Maci was pretty much the bomb-diggity!! Mostly because, I got to spend it with Maci!! We were pretty busy...we celebrated with MY mom and Mamaw Holston (dad’s mom) on Saturday, then with Bill’s mom and sisters and their husbands on Saturday night. Sunday we went to church, and spent the afternoon with my Mamaw Miller (mom's mom) and my mom!!

We had a great time, and lots of good food!! It was great!!

Mamaw Holston and Maci

Nanny (Bill's Mom) and Maci

Harvest and Mamaw Miller (Mom's Mom)

Holly and Harvest at Church

Papaw Miller, Me, and Maci, Mamaw Miller, Holly & Harvest -- No I am not a mean mama that leaves her child in a carseat, we were on our way out the door when everybody decided to take pictures.

Harvest giving Maci kisses....How sweet!!!