Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The words are so powerful!!!  Just listen to the song and let it sink in...especially the last verse...Gives my goose bumps, goose bumps!!

Forgiven, beloved
Hidden in Christ
Made in the image of the Giver of Life
Righteous, and holy
Reborn, and remade
Accepted and worthy THIS IS OUR NEW NAME!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Would you guys pray for our family...I mean really pray...We need direction...God-given direction on the next step in our lives.  Things seem to be crumbling around me as I speak, and to be honest I have really been taken over by a rush of fear and anxiety.  I keep hearing the Lord clearly in my spirit saying "Do you trust me, I know this hurts, but do you trust me?"  I have to keep making the consieous decision every day to trust God and know He has a plan and there is a reason I am having to make these difficult decisions. God holds the future and He knows that there is something better for us down the road, but the ride is quite rough right now.  We are in the midst of some heavy decisions and I really need guidance from God, I don't want to take another step without Him telling me where to put my foot.  So please pray for us. 

Just to clairify, Maci is GREAT, she is a healthy happy little girl that brightens even the darkest day for her mommy and daddy!!  Besides salvation, she is the most precious blessing God has ever given me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010