Monday, January 17, 2011


Friday, January 7, 2011

More Birthday Pictures

.....I knew we had guests

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Incredibly Late Birthday Post

I know I know, bad bad blogger lady!! I even skipped the 10 month and 11 month pictures and updates on Maci. I also didn’t get any pictures or posts up about her 1st Thanksgiving. I honestly think I was trying to slow time down a little....survey says.......It didn’t work.

December was a whirl-wind of her birthday and Christmas. It all came and went so fast, and left me dizzy in the process. Not to mention I had been sick with some sort of HORRIBLE cold for nearly 3 weeks (along with everyone else in my immediate and extended family, and Maci going from cold to ear infection back to cold again during those 3 weeks) and then Maci got a Stomach Virus 3 days before Christmas, followed by me catching it 2 days before Christmas and then Bill having it on Christmas Eve to top it all off....come to think of it that might have been part of the dizziness....

I digress....

December 17th was her actual birthday, and I took the day off to spend with my baby girl, and love her and hug her and sing to her and just enjoy her day...oh yeah, and take her to the doctor to get shots...OUCH!!! Horrible Horrible shots....One year shots were the worst yet, she still has a bruise on her leg. She weighed in at 21 lbs and 10 oz and 31 ½ “ long....a far cry from the 7 lbs. 13 oz. 20” itty bitty baby that she was 1 year ago.

She has been around the 95th percentile pretty much since her first check up, needless to say she is a big girl. She had 9 teeth by her first birthday (now she has 11). She started taking 2-3 steps without holding on to anything the week of her birthday, and then the next week of Christmas she was taking 8-10 steps at a time, and able to stand up from the floor without pulling up on anything. Her preferred method is still crawling because it gets her there faster...but if there is an audience, she loves to stand up, clap for herself, take off in a “run” and fall flat on her face into someone’s arms, then say “yay” and clap for herself again. She has a large vocabulary I can’t even think of all the words she knows at this point. She is putting sentences like “daddy I love you” together (sometimes without being prompted). She can tell you the duck sound, the dog sound, and the cat sound without being told what they are...and can repeat any other sound you ask her to say. She says “No” A ANY question you ask her and it’s pretty funny. She cracks me up with the faces she makes, especially the “stink eye”.

She is still pretty much happy all of the time. She loves bows and wants one in her hair every day...she doesn’t leave them there...but she wants one...and wants for you to tell her she is “soooo pretty” then she squenches her nose, smiles and pats her hair...and promptly rips out the pretty bow. She also LOVES shoes, not wearing them necessarily but trying them on...she made her daddy put her black patton leather dress shoes on her last night more times than I can count...she would stand up in back down...pull them off...hand them back to Bill for him to put them on her again...this went on until we finally put the shoes out of site.

December 18th was the day of her party, and we had it at a place here called “The Play Place” and I must admit I wish that place had been my idea. It’s just a giant play room, with toys and built in play houses, and dress up, and train sets and just a giant room of play things for children, with a birthday area in the back complete with tiny wooden tables. When you reserve it, you are reserving the whole place for the party, no one is there except you and your guests. It was a lot of fun.

Here are a few pictures from the festivities (there are more, but are now lost somewhere in my computer)....

 to follow on Christmas...What a procrastinator I have turned out to be....I am a little disappointed in myself.