Sunday, November 11, 2012


So I guess I wasn't REALLY back in the post that said I was.  Maci will be 3 years old next month, and as I was scrolling through my blog remembering when I used to have time to post and read blogs, I realized it was before she was born...figure that?!?!  So, here's the scoop in a nut June I lost my job, which was a blessing, it was a very stressful, wretched job that I loathed going to everyday.  In July I enrolled in a local community college to finish my elementary education degree.  I also was asked by my church to be the coordinator and leader of our KC Krew (Kids Church Krew) those are our 4th 5th and 6th graders that we are training to be church leaders.  They help during our 1st - 4th grade kids church by leading praise and worship, acting in character skits or puppet skits, and learing about media and sound in our media booth.  That has by far been the best adventure of the year, and the bussiest, you know besides being a mom.  I absolutely LOVE those kids, they are amazing and have an awesome heart for Jesus.  I am so glad I get the opportunity to see them becoming the leaders that God has called them to be.  Recently, in the last two weeks I have also been asked by our Children's Coordinator, to be the Coordinator for our eXtreme class which is our 5th and 6th grade class, so I am super excited about that.  I have spent the last several months, seeking God, praying, jumpinmg into new ministries that I feel he has called me to, and feeling completely at peace even with the lack of job and income.  Bill recently accepted a job in Iowa and he will be moving the week after Thanksgiving, without us...we will be moving in with my parents.  Maci is enrolled in pre-school and is LOVING it.  She is learning so much.  It's the same pre-school I attended when I was growing up.  Maci is such a big girl now, and so talkative.  I hate that I have missed updating the blog with stories of her, I am sure one day I will want to remember.  She has an amazing, hilarious personality, and she is my sunshine and I love her SO much. Hopefully I will get a chance to update more often, but for now I leave here with a few new pictures.

I can't leave out my neice Harvest, she is so special to me, and such a sweet sweet girl.  She and Maci have a similar appearance, but they have polar opposite personalities, Harvest is a little reserved and mostly quiet.  She loves to cuddle and watch movies, Maci on the other hand is 100 miles per hour wherever she goes, she doesn't sit still long and doesn't have time to watch a whole movie, she wants you to fast forward to her favorite parts and then she's D.O.N.E. and it's off to something else.  They both love music and love to sing....I just wish they weren't so camera shy, I would post some videos...but as soon as the camera is turned on, they turn off...neither of them will do anything.  It's really kind of funny. They are the best of friends.  I should also mention that Harvest will be a big sister in January...we are so excited to meet baby Eden when she arrives.  I already love her and can't wait to cuddle and hold her...since Maci is more than likely my one and only...I've decided my sister has to share Eden {Wink}...I love my neices.